Fire Safety Services (UK) Ltd is committed to protecting and enhancing local and global environments and to ensure that its operations are carried out in a sustainable way. Working with our suppliers and customers’ is extremely important in achieving an acceptable level of performance against our Environmental and Sustainability Policy.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and are active in promoting environmentally responsible business ethics.

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Fire extinguishers harmful to the environment

Foam, Water with Additive and Wet Chemical (F Class) extinguisher contents are harmful to the environment and cannot be discharged to groundwater under the Groundwater Regulations 1998, The Water Resources Act 1991, The Water Industry Act 1991, The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2003, Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act) 1989/Controlled waste (Registration of Carriers & Seizure of Vehicles) Regulations 1991, and need to be disposed of safely.

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Fire Safety Services are working with its clients to replace these types of extinguishers wherever possible with environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce the impact on our environment from the contents. Any unserviceable fire extinguisher removed from clients’ premises for disposal is classified as waste; clients can have comfort in knowing that Fire Safety Services are a Registered Waste Carrier.

Fire Safety Services have alternative extinguisher types available which will be friendlier in our fragile environment.

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Vauxhall Fleet supply deal to reduce emissions

Fire Safety Services have recently signed a fleet supply agreement with Vauxhall to purchase vehicles from the Ecoflex range which offers fuel efficient vehicles with CO2 emissions under the all-important 160g/km. This decision will assist us in reducing our carbon footprint and fuel use.

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Fleet driver training for efficient vehicle operation

Fire Safety Services commenced fleet driver training in 2007 and have continued to monitor and assess each individual driver to ensure safe and efficient driving. The reduction in emissions and increased fuel efficiency has shown the value of providing the training to all company vehicle drivers.

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Smartnav satellite navigation systems fitted to all service vehicles

Fire Safety Services fits Smartnav satellite navigation systems to all service vehicles to improve the efficiency of operation and provide stress free journeys for our service team. The system will route you to your destination and provide ‘live’ updates to ensure congestion is avoided; this reduces our emissions and improves our efficiency both in terms of fuel use and productivity.

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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Wherever possible Fire Safety Services recycle waste created by its activities to ensure that the environmental impact of the business is minimised. Working with manufacturers and /or their agents helps to ensure that whatever waste is generated will be dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Part of the purchasing strategy is to use suppliers who offer a range of products rather than buying individual products from individual suppliers we work with our supply chain to reduce vehicle travel, packaging and manpower which in turn reduces the environmental impact of the business.

Working closely with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) ensures we are compliant with the many regulatory requirements and helps to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

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Green Business Network

Green Business Network is a leading business environmental network and provides a range of services to help members improve their environmental performance. The strength of GBN is in its membership. Managers from a variety of business sectors and business sizes, each with a range of experience and skills, work together to help each other exchange information, adopt best practice and make savings by taking advantage of free services and training.

There are currently around 1,300 pieces of environmental legislation affecting UK businesses. In order to provide comprehensive and up to date information, the UK's environmental regulators have joined forces. To find out what applies to your business, visit the NetReg website.

Fire Safety Services are an Active member.

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working continuously to reduce our carbon footprint