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Evacuation Chairs

Building managers should not be contemplating refusing entry to disabled people but should have plans in place that ensure the safe evacuation of all building users, whether or not the fire service is available.

There is no document which states that disabled people should be left in a building to wait for the fire service during a fire. In fact, current legislative documents and standards state that it is the responsibility of building management to ensure their safe escape by introducing suitable escape plans.

Where equipment is provided to assist in the evacuation of disabled people (e.g. evacuation chairs), it is important to ensure that its operational capability is maintained.

The evacuation chair is a cost effective method of ensuring the safe evacuation of non-ambulant persons from the upper or lower levels of buildings in the event of an emergency, or when lifts cannot be used due to maintenance or breakdown.

Evacuation chairs can be used on virtually all types of staircases where access is provided to upper and lower levels to safely evacuate non-ambulant persons.

Fire Safety Services supply evacuation chairs and run training courses on their use in an emergency situation.

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