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Single-Site Businesses

Supporting you in dealing with the bigger picture of fire safety, we can help you piece it all together.

Don’t leave it too late to check that you’re 100% legally compliant.

We work with thousands of single-site businesses and organisations across the UK, making it easy for them to understand and manage all their fire safety needs, however large or small.

We’re your one-stop shop, providing a full range of fire safety services. For full peace of mind, why not get in touch and let us help you with your fire safety?

We have regional service centres situated across the whole of the UK, so regardless of your location we can offer you a local service.

Just call our sales team today on 08000 234114 or complete the form and we’ll call you back.

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If you would like to find out more about how Fire Safety Services can help you and your business, call our sales team on 08000 234114 or complete the form for a call back:

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Isn’t it great when you find a way to work smarter, not longer?

Working in your business as well as on your business is a continual juggling act and we know that it’s easy to let some things slip through the net. But what if your company’s fire safety obligations were one of those things?

When you work with us, we won’t let that happen. The consequences are too serious, both for you and your business. We work with single-site businesses across the UK, making it easy for them to understand and manage all their fire safety needs, however large or small.

We have regional service centres situated across the whole of the UK, so regardless of your location we can offer you a local service.

We work with thousands of satisfied businesses like yours.

There are many benefits to working with Fire Safety Service as your main fire safety supplier:

  • We’re your one-stop shop, providing a full range of fire safety services for you to choose from. No job is too big or too small.
  • 100% legal compliance: we make sure you’re always fully covered keeping everyone in your business safe at all times – and you safe from prosecution. Find out more about what this means.
  • We’re independently accredited with a range of schemes, including BSI and UKAS. Find out more about our third-party accreditation.
  • Privileged access to FCS Live – our user-friendly fire risk assessment software which helps you to monitor, manage and plan for the future. Access all your fire risk assessment reports in one place, create a reliable audit trail and control your budgets more easily. There are multiple benefits to using our software – why not find out more?
  • Another advantage is that we provide single delegate fire training courses, so regardless of the size of your business you can send one or more of your staff members to our offices for fire training keeping you legally compliant.

Here’s a list of the services we offer:

Whether it’s one or all of the above, we guarantee all our customers the same high quality service. Your fire risk assessment – which will always be our first port of call – may uncover aspects of fire safety you hadn’t previously considered. If it does, we can give you clear advice and guidance on what action you should take. Remember, we’re here to make sure you’re fully covered and legally compliant.

Why you and your fire safety equipment benefit from regular TLC.

Service and maintenance contracts keep you and everyone else in your business safe. Not only are they sensible, they’re also essential unless you want to fall foul of UK regulatory requirements. Regular inspection and upkeep of your fire protection infrastructure affords you many long-term business benefits.

  • Peace of mind that your equipment will protect you in the event of a fire and provide an early warning sign that something is wrong
  • Maintain the life of your equipment avoiding nasty and unforeseen bills
  • Avoid disruption to business continuity caused by false fire alarms
  • Keep unnecessary business expenses as low as possible (it’s estimated that false alarms cost the UK in excess of £1 billion each year).

Not sure you understand the ins and outs of fire safety?

Don’t be alarmed. There are many business owners who are not aware of their legal responsibilities when it comes to the fire safety of their premises and the people who spend time in them.

All fire safety law in England and Wales is based on a piece of legislation called the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (Scotland and N. Ireland also updated their legislation around this time). Prior to this, fire safety was regulated with many different pieces of legislation which had become outdated and confusing.

One of the most significant practical changes of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was that fire certificates are no longer issued; instead, legal responsibility falls onto a ‘responsible person’ to carry out certain duties. This person is usually the workplace employer, but it may be someone else. Among these duties, you must make sure that general fire precautions meet certain standards and that a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out.

Are you the responsible person?

This term can vary across the four countries of the UK; for example, it’s ‘duty holder’ in Scotland and ‘appropriate person’ in N. Ireland, but they all essentially mean the same thing.

So, in simple terms, what does this mean? We can split this into three broad areas of responsibility:

  • You must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (we always recommend you choose a third-party accredited assessor)
  • You must act on the recommendations in the assessment within a limited timeframe
  • You must continue to maintain your fire safety equipment AND periodically re-assess your Fire Risk Assessment, ensuring it’s up to date as your business grows and evolves

Every business is unique, so it’s vital you have a Fire Risk Assessment and a plan that’s tailored to your individual circumstances.

Remember that many insurance companies won’t pay out on a claim where unreputable or incompetent suppliers have been used so any perceived cost savings can soon be wiped out. This is why accreditation schemes exist and help you to make the right decision when choosing a provider or supplier. It goes without saying that all of our technicians are highly trained, qualified and competent.

Are you the responsible person and want to find out more about The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?  If so, click here.

We’ve proved our commitment to protecting your business

Being independently evaluated and held to account by a third party – an independent expert – proves to you that we’re committed to the highest standards of quality, competence and workmanship.

We’ve been rigorously assessed by a range of third-party accrediting bodies and have met all their demanding standards. 

Find out more about these organisations and the levels of accreditation we’ve achieved.

What our customers tell us

Our mantra is to ‘live our values’:

  • Quality in compliance
  • Reliability and trust
  • Capability and expertise
  • Partnership
  • Environmental and ethical
  • Dynamic

Our customers clearly agree and we think it’s important you hear directly from them.

Fire Safety Services understand our requirements and often propose solutions before we recognise an issue.

Tracey Jenkins – Property & Facilities Coordinator – Bedfordia Group

Fire Safety Services exceeded our expectations from day one.

Marketing Manager – Redpack

We have found Fire Safety Services to be very reliable and very good at what they do.

George Elliot – Managing Director, Elliot Electrical Limited – Redpack

Regional Coverage

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Our products & services extend to everything you require to keep your business compliant with todays legislations:

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